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Industrial Robots Video

Robots are considered as the next industrial revolution. Already robotic systems play an integral part in different economic fields. From the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries to food, beverage and packaging sectors, all of them utilize the help of industrial robots. Costs are reduced significantly, productivity is increased, more efficiency is achieved in terms of different resources usage, and the ever-changing customer needs are met as soon as it arises. The complex and dynamic environment of an industrial robotic system is an inevitability. For the business to thrive and succeed, one must embrace the innovative improvements robotics offer us. Soon after, all the other technologies we've ever known will become obsolete and unnecessary.

Clicker Press Robotic Automation

CJRTec is the leading manufacturer and distributor in the Clicker Press industry. This video will show you how these precision presses from CJRTec, if equipped with industrial robots, can make production faster. The different kinds of clicker press machine they have: swing arm press, beam press, traveling head press and receding head press among others. Visit their official website cjrtec.com for more information.

ITbotics Pick and Place Robot for Hydraulic Cutting Press

ITBotics specializes in Pick and Place Automation. This video will show you how this particular robotic application, if integrated with a clicker press and any other industrial cutting machine, will make manufacturing easier and faster. Repetitive tasks like the one shown in the video will get pretty boring as time passes by. It'll be more efficient to let the industrial robots take over the monotonous jobs and let the human workers focus more on more important, skill-oriented tasks at hand.

Upgrading to a PICKING ROBOT

Robots. Most of us steer clear of the subject. Admittedly, the idea of using robots is overwhelming and scary. Watch this video to change your perception about robots. Every myths and misconception, discredited.

Automatic Clicker Press Picking Robot - Save Labor Costs

The first thing to look for in an industrial robot provider is dependability. They should be able to provide you the solution you needed in order to reach your goals. With ITBotics, we focus all of our energy in helping businesses to achieve a faster, smoother and more efficient production process.