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Pick and Place Robot

Pick and place robot

In today's high-technology manufacturing companies, industrial robots are a standard capital equipment. Integrating robotic process application to your business will give you the edge that your company needs as well as provides competitive advantage over the other players in this market segment. Here at ITBotics, we offer 4 different types of robots that will help you keep your spot on top of the game. pick and place is a specialty of ITBotics and is the simplest among the group. They are primarily designed for applications that require limited workspace and small footprint. It is characterized by a stand-alone robot platform with an attached robotic arm on top. The platform is made to withstand long hours of use, ensuring firm support for the main robot mounted on top of the pedestal.

Our pick and place robot are incorporated with Drag Technology. This means that you can easily ‘drag’ the robotic arm and put them into position without sacrificing the structural integrity of the machine. It's easy to operate even your own secretary can do it!

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