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Robot Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Robot

We have dedicated ourselves in the research and development of unique solutions for any industry-specific applications. We provide the manufacturing industry players the right tools to adapt to the ever-changing demands in their own fields as well as the need for diversification, helping them to stay on top of their games.

Robotic Laser Cutting is one of the automation solutions that we offer. Our laser cutting robots can cut both metal and non-metal materials, which are primarily used in making car interior parts, door panels, rubber sealing for windows, and more. This technology uses a static laser beam integrated with a moving robotic arm, resulting in one of the most useful devices which have been implemented particularly for automation.

This type of industrial robot is made up of servo-controlled, multi-axis mechanical arm with the laser cutting head mounted on its faceplate. Which means, that it can perform 3D cutting by reaching in and around to cut the required shape into a part – be it simple holes or complex contours. Another reason is that the robotic laser cutting system can efficiently perform multiple applications like cutting and welding by using the same laser cutting head. Despite the high price tag attached to this robot, its advantages far outweigh the required high initial capital expenditure. Our robotic laser cutting system can yield quality products and increased output at the shortest amount of time, letting you realized your ROI in 6 months to 2 years, depending on your production rate.