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Scara Industrial Robot

The acronym SCARA is short for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm. SCARA Industrial Robot is one of the widely used in automating manufacturing processes especially on pick and place tasks from one location to another, thereby improving speed in accomplishing such tasks. SCARA is mainly characterized by its remarkably similar motion as to that of a human arm, with its 'shoulder' and 'elbow' joint along with a 'wrist' axis. It has extremely compact design and fairly small build. It is known for its high reliability, high accuracy and speed, requires only minimum maintenance, and is easy to operate.

Compared to other types of robots, SCARA takes up only a small footprint (unlike Cartesian robots which usually takes large, rectangular spaces) and is easy to mount for use. On the other hand, SCARA robots can be more expensive in comparison. SCARA robots are used in assembly, palletization, machine loading, and more.

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