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Vision Guided Robotics

ITBotics' robots provide efficient yet less costly solutions for every industry out there. Industrial robots, on their own, are extremely useful in terms of automation. Integrating "the sight" to your robot and the possibilities are endless!

Your production quality will improve a whole lot more by giving robots the ability to 'see.' With Vision-Guided Robotics, manufacturers will gain the ability to track their products more accurately, improve inventory management, and maximize inspection and control. Your industrial robot won't be doing the same motion over and over anymore when you integrate vision into your system. While this feature can be utilized in several applications, it is mostly useful in quality control. With cameras in placed, they can track objects placed in a conveyor to take pictures of finished products and simultaneously compare these pictures to the programmed criteria to the system. Through quality assessment, the robot will be able to either accept or reject the finished objects based on the algorithms put in place, ensuring high quality products. This will result in reduced cycle time and less errors, while production efficiency and reliability is increased. Production is made more flexible with robot vision system. Purchase one of our vision-guided robots or simply have ITBotics' Smart Camera retrofitted to your existing robot.